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At Heirloom Custom Homes, your complete satisfaction is our first priority!At Heirloom Custom Homes, we don't expect you to pick from a pile of stock plans

You are most likely beginning the building process because you have a vision of your dream abode, and you need a partnering builder to help you realize it. We respect this motive by sticking to a few simple core values; we’re committed to staying a small-volume specialty builder, understanding our clients, and remaining flexible while following an agreed upon critical path.

We feel there are great advantages to being a small-volume builder. It allows for our team of skilled craftsmen and professionals to tailor a process that works for you. Direct access to our on-site supervisors allows for quality control and accountability throughout the entire process; not just when your builder sends you a quarterly update with an invoice attached.

Just like a well-built home, Heirloom Custom Homes is full of unique character. We don’t fit into a mold, and we don’t expect you to either. Listening to you is key. We want you to do the talking. You already know that every builder will offer you bells and whistles… “energy efficeint, sustainable materials, state-of-the-art…”, but do they offer you peace of mind? If your builder isn’t listening, it’s anyone’s guess as to the outcome. We eliminate these variables by doing our homework, and knowing that your process and desired end result will be like no other project we’ve embarked on before. And that’s okay…we’re ready for it.

Our operational beliefs are simple. Research, set expectations, communicate, monitor, deliver and stay accountable; but how we exercise these beliefs is a fluid process which you help us to establish. We have proven that building a new home can be a fun experience. We ensure this by taking out the element of surprise, although planning for unexpected variables, all the while keeping you in the loop.

Enough about us… Let’s talk about you.


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